About Belle Vie

Being active in the tourism sector in general in Turkey for 8 years, we have specialized in the field of medical tourism in particular since the end of 2018.Our agencies located in Istanbul and America, in Virginia, are at your disposal for all your questions concerning aesthetic and health procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.Belle Vie Health Travel is an approved agency with the ‘Health Tourism Authorization Certificate’ given by the Ministry of Health. We work with the best surgeons and hospitals specializing in their field and approved.Your follow-up is guaranteed for all your post-operative requests or questions thanks to our subsidiary located in Virginia State.We help our clients, who apply from all over the world, to find the right treatment with our expert doctors in Turkey, and we complete the entire travel organization in a professional way.

What is Health Tourism?

Naturally, all people want to protect and improve their health. Traveling to another location from the hometown in order to be treated and taking at least 1 day to benefit from both health and tourism opportunities in this location are all said as Health Tourism. With the overcrowding of the population in the world, living standards have increased. Hence, wages for health expenditures have also risen in most countries. For these reasons, it can be said that the desire of patients to choose both more economical and higher quality options has created Health Tourism.

Why Turkey is a good destination for Health Tourism?

Turkey; has taken its place among the most preferred countries in health tourism through its geographical location, historical and cultural values, and diversity in the field of tourism, as well as quality hospitals with accreditation. Currently, there are 42 JCI accredited international health institutions in Turkey. Many hospitals, especially in big cities, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Most of the hospitals in Turkey provide health services at high-quality standards in fields such as oncology, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, eye, and dental surgery.


Turkey has been known as a major partner in the field of health and a rising tourism center in the world for a while. Turkey offers quality and affordable tour packages to health tourists by combining its richness both in terms of health tourism and tourism resources with the five-star hotels and their services, such as spas. Some unique advantages of Turkey: Location: Turkey, with its strategic location, has borders with Europe, Asia, and Central Asia, and also connects two continents. Traveling from many countries is easy. Turkey has also carried its hospitable character to the field of health tourism. From the first step taken to Turkey to receive health services to the return, all kinds of services that can be received are provided by health staff and tourism officials who are experts in their fields. Climate: Especially in Northern European countries where rheumatic diseases are seen commonly, the demand for thermal tourism is higher. Four seasons can be seen at the same time in Turkey and it is advantageous in terms of climate compared to many countries. It is also very attractive with its natural resources and options such as hot springs, convenience for “third age tourism”, and sports tourism. Costs of services: Due to the high costs of health services in most developed countries of the world, it is seen that patients make choices to reduce their costs. Visa exemptions: As a result of the visa exemptions provided between Turkey and many countries, especially the Middle East countries, a significant increase has been achieved in the visitors coming for Health Tourism.


As the “Belle Vie Health Travel” family, we provide insurance assurance to the patients we bring. We make our clients policies before they come, and we pay the costs of treatment of complications that may occur, flight tickets and accommodation with determined limits. We make this responsibility more effective by making a separate “complication” and “travel health insurance under a policy” from flight tickets to all.


We have established a separate unit for post-treatment sales representatives only inform our patients who want to receive information about our treatment services. Our health assistants monitor the patient process of our patients after the operation. We follow up the recovery process of our patients after the treatment together. We are a big family with our patients. We never leave them alone. Our health assistants follow the post-operative treatment process of our patients step by step by making video or audio calls.