Arm Lift Surgery

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Arm Lift Surgery

What is the Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm Lift Surgery, called Brachioplasty too, aims to remove excess fat and reshape the skin in the upper arm area up to the elbow. Fluctuations in weight, aging, and genetic factors cause sagging and loosening in the upper arm.

Preparation and Procedure of Arm Lift Surgery

As a preparation before the Arm Lift Surgery, the following is requested from the patient:
  • Taking their medication correctly or updating their current medication.
  • Quit smoking. Smokers may experience a complication such as slow healing of wounds, which means a risk of infection.
  • Not taking blood thinners such as aspirin.
  • In addition, the patient’s blood values are checked and a chest X-ray is taken.
  • As a result, it becomes easier for the doctor to determine the preoperative approach.
The operation takes approximately 3 hours and can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The doctor decides this. The place and volume of the incision are determined according to the amount and location of the skin to be taken, and the area is marked before the procedure begins. The incisions usually extend from the inside of the arm to the top of the elbow. If there is excess fat accumulation in the arm that will complicate the healing process, it can be removed by applying liposuction.

Who can be a candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

The patients who are healthy and non-smokers, who have saggy skin on the back of their arms can be listed as the main candidates for the Arm Lift Surgery. Also, the patients who have lost significant weight lately must wait until they’ll be at their ideal weight and their fluctuation of weight must be over. They also have to be realistic about this process and what they want. The incisions are closed with absorbable stitches or they may be removed by the surgeon after two weeks of the operation.

Will be any permanent scar after the Arm Lift Surgery?

There is a Brachioplasty method that gets a small scar but it’s not provided for a large number of patients because this applicability depends on loose skin’s area and its volume. After the operations are done with the traditional method, there is a longer scar lime and therefore it can be hard to hide it. The patient who pays attention to protecting the scar from the UV rays and as well as being a non-smoker, the scar heals well more quickly.