Hair Transplant for Women

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Hair Transplant for Women

It’s commonly known that most men are in trouble with hair loss and it affects their daily life psychologically. Women are also met with hair thinning, and baldness and it can bring more difficulties into their life rather than men’s. A Hair Transplant is a solution so, and women may also prefer it. First of all, if the cause and level of hair loss in women are known, this counts as good preparation for hair transplant treatment. Shedding in adults can be extended to approx 150 strands of hair. On the other hand, the number is quite high among some women. The causes of hair loss in women differ from those in men.

What are the Reasons for Hair Loss in Women?

When it comes to hair loss in women, some factors such as hormones, vitamin deficiency, genetics, and wrong diet can play decisive roles.Hormones can cause hair loss for women especially when they are in menopause.One of the other reasons that cause hair loss in women is the deficiency of some vitamins and minerals. Lack of iron is very important and it’s related to anemia disease. The body can’t produce hemoglobin when there is not enough iron. Also, keratin is important in the growth of the hair. Vitamin A, B3, B7, B9, C, D, and E Vitamins of the major vitamins that the body needs in hair growth.Another reason is genetics. Androgen etic Alopecia causes hair loss in both men and women, especially after their 40s. It’s mostly like a hair thinning, not baldness completely. Women also who do the wrong diet have some immune system problems that affect hair growth.

Types of Hair Loss in Women

In the first stage, the amount of loss is low. Most women don’t even notice it. The hair loss is started at the front of the head and gets more visible over time.At this stage, the amount of hair loss is so much and it’s obvious. Loss of volume, hair loss, and regional shedding are seen in the hair. According to the density here, a hair transplantation operation can be considered.It’s the stage where the most intense hair loss is seen. The scalp is now visible and baldness is very noticeable. The situation may get worse due to excessive shedding.

Who can be candidates for Hair Transplant?

The majority of women who have intense hair loss problems are not suitable candidates for hair transplantation. The reason is that the donor areas on the scalp are not sufficient on the back, sides, or anywhere on the body. However, there are cases where hair transplantation can make significant changes. These; women with the male pattern of hair loss, women with different hairline positions from birth, women with scars, and women with hair loss as a result of the facelift operation.