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Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy makeover is a surgery that reshapes of bodies of women who gave birth. After pregnancy, results such as increased lubrication in some areas, sagging breasts, hip enlargement, and a cervical enlargement may occur. Gaining and losing weight during this period can cause lubrication and slackening on the arms and legs.

What Is Involved in a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover involves some aesthetic operations: Labiaplasty:  After birth, the inner lips of the vagina may stretch. This causes the outer lips, which act as protective, to extend forward. The outer lips are sensitive and likely to chafe. Excess skin in the vagina is removed with labiaplasty. Liposuction: It is the elimination of fat deposits that cannot be removed by diet and exercise methods. Tummy Tuck: During this process, a long incision is made on the skin, and muscles in the area are stretched. In this way, loose skin is removed, and damaged muscle is repaired. Breast Lift and Augmentation: After pregnancy, the skin has to stretch to hold milk, and with it, the breasts expand and contract rapidly. When the breastfeeding process is completed, it is seen that the breasts are more drooping than normal, and this is why this operation is usually needed. In some cases, Breast Augmentation is also included in the process, since the breasts are smaller than before.

What You Need the Know Before a Mommy Makeover?

First of all, it is necessary to pass 6 months from birth. Next, it should be ensured that the following criteria are met: Since the Mommy Makeover operation includes more than one surgical procedure, it is very important that the candidate must be in good general health. Since conditions such as adult-onset diabetes that may occur following pregnancy are known, it is necessary to follow the process well. It is recommended that the birth process is completed. While this recommendation is not seen as a necessity, its benefits are significant. Because every new pregnancy will cause stretching in the abdomen and chest area. This can remove the effects of the Mommy Makeover operation. While revision procedures are possible, they will create additional budget and discomforts (such as more scarring and complications).

Mommy Makeover Recovery Process

It should be known that the recovery period is not short when a full-scale Mommy Makeover operation is performed. In particular, the Tummy Tuck phase has a long recovery period of up to 3 months. Although not all of this time is spent in bed, patients are unable to lift more than 10 kilos during this period. Therefore, Mini Tummy Tuck with a maximum recovery period of 1 month, is recommended as an alternative