Non-Blade Cataract Surgery with Laser Technology

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Non-Blade Cataract Surgery with Laser Technology

For people who ask “What is a cataract?”; A cataract is a disease in which the lens of the eye loses its transparency and becomes cloudy, so causing difficulty in vision. Non-Blade Cataract Surgery with Laser, also known as bladeless or sutureless cataract surgery, is the removal of the cataract defect with the help of a strong laser ray. It is a more reliable and sensitive option rather than the old-school methods.

How is a Non-Blade Cataract Surgery with Laser Technology performed?

In an old-school cataract treatment, a scalpel needs to be used to make a hole in the patient’s eye. The inner part of the eye is reached and the cataract, which prevents transparency, is broken down. An implant is placed then in place of the natural lens and the corneal incision is expected to close by itself. In Non-Blade Cataract Surgery with Laser Technology, planning is done with a 3D image of the eye in order to make the same incision. This planning must be detailed and is required to eliminate the doctors’ experience variable using Femtosecond laser technology. It’s also important for the incision to close on its own over time. The front part of the lens of the eye is very sensitive and it should be removed carefully. This procedure is called “Capsulotomy”. The doctor is so cautious in doing this because the patient will use the artificial lens implant for the rest of his life. The cataract is removed by the doctor after the Capsulotomy phase is over. The laser breaks the cataract into small pieces and makes it easy to remove. Since less energy is needed rather than the old-school treatments while this whole process is taking place, this situation is called an important factor that reduces the risks associated with the operation.

What are the benefits of Non-Blade Cataract Surgery With Laser while recovering and after that?

  • Using the advanced laser technique, called Femtosecond laser, most surgical procedure is performed without any physical contact. The duration of the process is shortened and it becomes more secure in this way.
  • It’s important concerning the risks and side effects that may be seen. It has lower risks. It offers the patient a more comfortable surgery option.
  • A better vision is obtained in Non-Blade Cataract Surgery with Laser when it comes to the results of old-school methods.
  • Some defects due to astigmatism can also be treated during this surgery.
  • It’s also important that less ultrasound energy is used during this Laser technique rather than the conventional cataract surgeries. It reduces the rate of damage that may occur to the patient’s eye when operating.
  • Recovery is short and the patient can easily return to his life.