Six Pack Surgery

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Six Pack Surgery

What is the Six Pack Surgery?

Six Pack Surgery, also known as Abdominal Etching, is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to reshape the waistline and form the muscles named 6-packs. As in the other liposuction methods, there is a technique used for the removal of fat deposits. In the Six-Pack Surgeries, fat deposits are removed in a special and advanced way. It’s the difference between it and classic methods. Thus, the abdominal wall is reshaped and the appearance of the muscles in this area is more clear. It’s also called “Liposculpture”.

Procedures of the Six Pack Surgery

A Six Pack Surgery takes an hour on average. Situations are related to its procedure listed below:
  • The areas that will be operated on are marked by the surgeon and are shown to the patient before the process started.
  • A dressing is made on the areas marked. The operation may be under general or local anesthesia. This is selected for the patient’s choice and the doctor’s suggestion.
  • The doctor inserts some ports on the patient’s belly to remove the fat deposits. The ports are used for draining the fluid and blood until the surgery ends.
  • The operation area is closed then and is covered with a corset to initiate the recovery.
  • After the operation is finished, the patient must continue to wear this corset for at least 4 weeks.

Who can have the Six-Pack Surgery?

Six-Pack Surgery itself has also some risks as in other cosmetic surgeries. A patient who is a non-smoker, and has a healthy life without obesity, can count as an ideal candidate.The operation gives the best result in the group of patients with weight below a 30 BMI score (Body Mess Index), and who have good health of muscles. Age is also one of the considered factors when it comes to getting a higher efficiency of the surgery.Non-smoking or quitting smoking is also a key factor and plays a decisive role in the whole process.

Recovery of the Six-Pack Surgery

“What should I expect from a Six Pack-Surgery?” is one of the most asked questions. Six-Pack Surgery has a high success rate and because of that, it has a good reputation among the patients. It has also a shorter recovery time rather than the other surgeries and takes about 2 weeks before returning to normal activities. The corset for compression needs to be worn during the healing. It must be waited a minimum of 2 months to 5 months, to see a full result of the surgery. Depending on reducing the swellings and the body’s adjusting to the new shape, the patient’s ABS becomes more strict.